Our Vision

FeetUp makes high-quality yoga tools to help people move better with more support and proper alignment in every pose imaginable.

Building A Joyful Yoga Practice

Today's modern world moves faster than ever before. The desire to reconnect and live mindfully grows bigger every day. FeetUp designs comfortable & fun products for your modern lifestyle.
This is our invitation to you:

Take a break. Put your feet up!

Sustainably Sourced Since Day One

We commit to a sustainable business model that listens to our community and gives back more than we take.

An active partner with Trees For The Future, FeetUp plants at least one tree for every product sold. All products are proudly made in Europe at family-owned and operated facilities. We only use sustainably-harvested wood and always use recycled materials whenever possible.

Our Story

Our founder Kilian Trenkle made a life-changing observation during his first yoga class in 2008: everyone wanted to have a perfect headstand, yet nobody looked like they were practicing safely or having fun.

A craftsman by heart, Kilian researched a variety of ways to make headstands more safe and easy. After many nights in the old family workshop, the first FeetUp Trainer was born!

Over a decade later, FeetUp has developed a wide selection of tools to help people around the world move better and feel great in their bodies. Our goal?

Create joyful movement for everyone & every body!